Inside Sales: It’s Time to Bury Your Cold Contact List

Should you “spray and pray” by cold calling as many people as you can, or implement a “spearfishing” model to focus your resources on a smaller list of high-quality prospects?

Steve Hart (Director of Lead Development at TechTarget) conducted a study to find out. In the new e-book, “Inside Sales: It’s Time to Bury Your Cold Contact List,” Steve discusses how you can generate 8x more leads, 19x more meetings, and 2x more pipeline by:

  • Targeting people who display recent and relevant pre-purchase behaviors.
  • Implementing a personalization strategy that can boost conversion rates without impacting call volume.
  • Offering content directly aligned with recent research behaviors to convert 75% of active prospects into leads.

You’ll learn how to personalize your pitches with behavioral insights so you can generate more leads and increase your pipeline.

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