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12 top HR software and tool options to consider in 2024

To help you whittle your HR software shortlist, learn the pros and cons of some top vendors and tools and get buying tips to ensure your purchase is a success.


How to attract and retain neurodiverse talent

Learn how to make the application and interview process easier for neurodivergent candidates and maintain inclusiveness, including promoting a culture of respect and understanding.


Republican skepticism over federal telework gets airing

House Republicans put federal agencies on the defensive over federal telework, with two lawmakers suggesting that working from home is equivalent to sitting on a couch all day.


VMware layoffs a familiar Broadcom story

Broadcom has started laying off VMware employees this week, a move that reminds some of how it proceeded when it acquired CA Technologies in 2018.

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    12 applicant tracking system features to look for

    HR leaders should look for certain applicant tracking system features when evaluating potential ATSes. Learn which features are most important.

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    4 benefits of succession planning

    Succession planning can help companies in various ways, including reducing business disruption and recruitment costs. Learn more about some of the benefits.

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    employee resource group (ERG)

    An employee resource group is a workplace club or more formally realized affinity group organized around a shared interest or identity.

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