Expertise Through Experience

TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group™ analysts have deep market expertise established through years of practice in the field. They author materials specifically to support you through each stage of go-to-market execution, in formats that suit key buyer needs and all critical use cases. By leveraging clear analyses, there’s no guesswork in getting the content right, and it’s a much lighter lift for your teams.


of buyers are more likely to engage with vendors who educate them.

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Custom Content

The average tech buyer consumes at least 5 pieces of content before talking to a sales rep. TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group can help you efficiently update your content library with enough quality content to keep prospects more effectively engaged across the buyer’s journey. And with professional video production support from our BrightTALK® Studios, your brand will shine in your video content as it should.

Thought leadership awareness drivers


Custom content conditions the market

Analyst-authored thought leadership content clearly identifies the problem to be solved, validates the need for a given product or technology and communicates a differentiating vision to your market.

As tech purchasing decisions grow increasingly nuanced and complex, buyers gain confidence from rigorous, vendor-neutral content designed to educate. To clarify and build trust, you need a respected content partner already steeped in your market’s particulars. Learn more.


Multiple formats engage more prospects

Buyers have different content format and channel preferences. You need to address these with a full toolkit of written, video, graphical and social formats mapped well to key stages of the buyer’s journey.



BrightTALK Studios, our full-service video production capability

When video fits your audiences’ preference and you need a team that knows how to position you perfectly, tap BrightTALK Studios to deliver the preparation and live production support speakers and content deserve and the post-production quality your audiences will love.

Mid-funnel engagement accelerators

Solution validations reinforce your positioning and messaging

Buying teams must know exactly how your solution will deliver on their needs and your promises. Third-party validations position your solutions to stand out, win and retain more customers by articulating details that give buyers the confidence to recommend an investment. Our Economic Value Validations and Technical Validations help you accomplish this.


Expert webinar screens

Expert webinar screens

Expert webinars engage prospects deeply

As webinar guest presenters, expert analysts provide in-depth, research-based insights and solution assessments. Prospects who devote the time to absorb meaty material this way are much more likely to accept follow-up outreach from you.

Ultimately, third-party validation is your secret weapon in closing a deal. Nothing you say about yourself will have as much impact as what others say on your behalf.”

– Entrepreneur

Deal-closing decision support

We leverage your validation project results to create interactive self-assessment tools like this ROI Calculator, which provide a personalized view of your solution’s potential.

Interactive tools personalize solution benefits

Digital tools that help prospects self-assess their organization’s readiness and reinforce your solution’s value can propel an opportunity to close. These tools can outline deal-closing talk tracks that solidify a decision to invest.

Sales training and enablement tools

Sales training and enablement tools improve sales productivity

Customers want technology providers to hear them and deliver on their buying needs. Our sales training and enablement programs provide market, customer and competitor insights that help teams better understand and deliver on real customer pain points as you position your solutions to meet their specific challenges.

Sales training and enablement tools

What Is Great Content for Buyers, and Why’s It So Hard?­­­­­­

Your content can make a buyer choose you vs. anyone else. This e-book explains why great content is so important – and offers advice on how to create it.

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