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Top 5 colocation providers of 2024

Colocation companies offer a wide range of facilities and services that can help reduce costs of managing data centers. Compare providers to see which is best for your organization.


IBM quantum computers make sizable leap

The largest enterprises now invest in quantum computing strategies -- but it's still a long way off for the typical business. IBM's Condor and Heron QPUs accelerate its arrival.


Essential components and tools of server monitoring

Server monitoring requires a list of the right tools to use and infrastructure components to watch. A workflow with these concepts ensures uptime and helps usage predictions.


Data center air quality: The air servers breathe

Monitor data center air quality to ensure best working conditions for equipment. Particulates and gaseous contaminants cause irreversible damage if you do not use proper filtration.

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Data Center Basics

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    shell program

    A shell program is software that provides users with an interface for accessing services in the kernel.

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    Top 8 AI hardware companies

    Due to rapid AI hardware advancement, companies are releasing advanced products yearly to keep up with the competition. The new competitive product on the market is the AI chip.

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    Rocky Linux vs. AlmaLinux: Which is better?

    Rocky Linux and AlmaLinux are new distributions created after Red Hat announced the discontinuation of CentOS. These distributions plan to be 1-to-1 compatible with RHEL.

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