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4 data loss examples keeping backup admins up at night

Protecting data is a critical task for backup admins, and threats are ever evolving. Preparation is key to preventing data loss and recovering quickly.


Offline backups are a key part of a ransomware protection plan

Ransomware resilience relies not on a single tool, but on several layered protections. Offline backups are a critical layer in a ransomware protection strategy.


DNA storage to tackle massive archives

DNA storage could provide dense, flexible, more sustainable form factors for archival use cases. One company plans on commercializing its offering by 2026.

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How often should you back up your data? Answers vary

Backup strategy and frequency is unique for just about every organization. You must balance backup management abilities with the amount of loss your business can tolerate.

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Data Backup Basics

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    magnetic tape storage

    Magnetic tape is one of the oldest technologies for electronic data storage.

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    tape backup

    Tape backup is the practice of periodically copying data from a primary storage device to a tape cartridge.

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    cold backup (offline backup)

    A cold backup is a backup of an offline database.

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